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The Top 7 Benefits of Standardizing Exam Procedures With Medical Kits

The Top 7 Benefits of Standardizing Exam Procedures With Medical Kits

Many medical experts agree that standardization is key to improved safety and healthcare. However, well-defined processes within and between healthcare organizations continue to be one of healthcare’s biggest problems. The good news is that you can put your medical facility on the fast track to improved patient safety by making the switch to individually packaged, sterile medical kits. Below is a look at available kit options and the top seven benefits of standardizing your exam procedures with medical kits.


What Are Medical Kits and What Do They Include?

Before diving into the advantages of medical kits, it is helpful to understand exactly what they are and why they exist. In a nutshell, medical kits are sterile, individually packaged, single-use devices and supplies used for specific procedures. They are designed to boost efficiency, save time, and reduce the threat of cross-contamination in a medical facility. Here is a look at some of today’s top medical kits and their key components:

  • Vaginal Exam Kit: Designed for pelvic exams, the key component of this kit is a single-use vaginal speculum with an integrated LED light source.
  • OFFICEPACK Hysteroscopy Kit: Prepared for uterine exams, this kit has a single-use side-opening vaginal speculum with an LED light source.
  • Fluid Management Pack: This kit improves fluid handling during a hysteroscopy. It contains single-use collection bags and all tubing.
  • IUD Insertion Kit: In addition to a single-use speculum, this kit contains a variety of single-use instruments needed to position an IUD.


What Are the Top Seven Ways Medical Kits Can Benefit Medical Facilities?

Medical kits offer an impressive array of benefits to virtually every type of medical facility. From private practices to mobile clinics to large hospital chains, facilities across the globe can enjoy the unparalleled convenience medical kits offer. In addition to being cost-effective, medical kits benefit healthcare organizations in the following seven ways:


1) Provide a Comprehensive Solution

Imagine a remote satellite clinic that has 20 hysteroscopy procedures scheduled. Upon arrival at the clinic, the medical team discovers that their light source cable has been damaged during shipping and their backup light sources lack bulbs that would take days to arrive. Even worse, they find themselves short on drapes. Unless you rent a light source and drapes, procedures would be canceled.

With obp’s OFFICEPACK Hysteroscopy Kit, the above scenario would never occur. Indeed, each kit is comprehensive, including a new single-use vaginal speculum with its own integrated LED light source. Kits also include a custom mayo drape with built-in pockets for instruments and an under buttocks drape for the patient. Further, when the procedure is finished, the mayo drape inverts to become a trash bag to promote the safe and easy removal of the used items.


2) Streamline Clinical Staff Training

Rigid quality control procedures by medical kit manufacturers ensure each features the same components. Indeed, perfectly standardized kits are a welcome advantage to training managers who often struggle to provide standardized training equipment across all departments and multiple facilities. Additionally, by training with the same medical kits across multiple facilities, staff are primed to easily transfer from one hospital location to the next.


3) Improve the Efficiency of Your Outreach Clinics

The Top 7 Benefits of Standardizing Exam Procedures with Medical Kits


Medical kits and single-use devices help transform a struggling satellite clinic into a model of outreach efficiency. Then, by combining medical kits with mobile equipment options, manually operated equipment, and periodic equipment rentals, you can treat more patients – even in challenging environments. Most importantly, you improve safety by reducing the number of reusable devices that can harbor bacteria.


4) Reduce the Risk of Errors

“Reprocessing is detailed, labor intensive, time-consuming, and can be prone to errors. Each reusable medical device requires specific reprocessing steps or techniques appropriate for that device. Many variables impact the effectiveness of reprocessing reusable medical devices…” – U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA)

Reusable devices require extensive maintenance, reprocessing, and sterilization in order to function properly and safeguard against cross-contamination. Unfortunately, these processes can be prone to errors that can limit effectiveness and increase the risk of cross-contamination.

With single-use medical kits, the need to reprocess, sterilize, or repair equipment is eliminated, thereby preventing reprocessing errors from occurring. Thus, the end result is a safer environment for patients and staff alike.


5) Ship and Transport With Ease

Pack medical kits with care to facilitate transport and occupy as little space as possible. Their compact, lightweight design makes them a breeze to stack in a clinic storage room or pack in a travel container. Finally, shipping kits in bulk is a breeze. Depending on the kit you order, most include a compact case that accommodates between 5 and 20 individual kits.


6) Save Time for Clinical Staff

Clinical staff who depend on reusable medical products spend a sizable portion of time assembling, sterilizing, and reprocessing devices to prevent cross-contamination. However, these steps are all eliminated with single-use sterile kits.

For example, obp’s Vaginal Exam Kits feature a single-use vaginal speculum with an integrated light source. Your clinical team won’t waste time tracking down a light source, tripping over power cables, or replacing bulbs. Most importantly, readily use these sterile medical kits. This allows your clinical staff to devote more time to patient care.


7) Improve the Patient Experience

Whether exams are performed in a 500-bed hospital or a pop-up mobile clinic, the patient experience is critical to your reputation as a trusted healthcare provider. By preventing the risk of cross-contamination, reducing the number of exam cancelations, and creating a more efficient examination process, medical kits will help you improve the patient experience.


What Is the Best Way to Discover the Advantages of Medical Kits?

Clearly, prepackaged medical kits offer a wide array of benefits to clinics, hospitals, and private practices. But the single best way to experience medical kits benefits is to introduce them to your clinical staff. Many of the benefits outlined above will become noticeable and your clinical staff satisfaction will increase.

Before investing in disposable medical kits, remember that they are not all the same. As the world’s most trusted ISO-certified provider of single-use medical products, obp offers kits manufactured with the highest quality materials. We invite you to contact us at obp to request a sample of one of our Vaginal Exam Kits or of one of our other medical kits. We look forward to helping you discover why over 13,000 healthcare facilities turn to us to improve their healthcare delivery!