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Why an IUD is a good choice for women

Why an IUD is a good choice for women

At your private practice or hospital department, you likely have many female patients making enquiries as to what kind of birth control is the best and most effective. While there is no one ideal method of birth control for everyone – since women respond differently to certain types of birth control – it is safe to make the argument that Intrauterine Devices are an effective and safe choice for many women. That's why physicians working at your practice should be sure to promote the use of IUDs among the female patient population. 

So why are IUDs such a good choice? Let's take a look:

What is an IUD?
Before outlining some of the benefits of this birth control option, it is a good idea to examine in closer detail exactly what an IUD is. According to medical website Healthline, IUDs are made of either copper or plastic and take the shape of a T. The devices can either contain hormones (hormonal IUDs) or not. They work by sitting in the uterus and blocking sperm from fertilizing eggs. In the case of hormonal IUDs, the ovaries themselves are often impacted and fewer, if any, eggs are released. The source elaborated that IUDs are inserted into female patients in a clinical setting, and must also be removed by doctors. IUDs come with strings attached to them so patients can monitor the device and ensure it remains in place.

The major benefits of an IUD include:

1. Cost effective
As outlined by the University of Michigan, IUDs are typically one of the cheapest birth control options, particularly when costs are assessed over a long-term period.

2. High protection
According to Planned Parenthood, IUDs are one of the most effective birth control options available, with a reported 99 percent success rate. The source elaborated that the reason for the high efficacy is because the patient doesn't have to worry about doing anything once the device has been inserted. This is in contrast to the pill, for example, where levels of protection can decrease in the event that a patient forgets to adhere to her daily regimen.

IUDs are a good choice for many women.IUDs are a good choice for many women.

3. No hassle
As outlined above, IUDs provide protection for long periods of time, without the hassle of having to make regular pharmacy or physician visits – which is the case for patients who opt for other birth control methods such as the pill or condoms. Planned Parenthood explained that it is possible to get IUDs that offer patients protection for up to 12 years. 

"IUDs have a 99% success rate."

4. Can improve periods
Hormonal IUDs can actually be used to improve symptoms in women who experience heavy periods and menstrual cramping, the University of Michigan detailed. 

5. Easy to reverse
If patients decide to begin trying for a family, IUDs are beneficial because they can be removed easily and the protection against pregnancy stops pretty much immediately after the device has been taken out, Planned Parenthood noted.

Consider OBP Medical
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